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If you are planning a move, you better know what a tedious thinking it can be. The best thing is, you don’t have to handle it alone, StarFamilyMovers will be there to help you to manage your move through your busy schedule. StarFamilyMovers offer you a variety of special services, while others will only move your stuff. If you’re planning a move make sure to contact StarFamilyMovers to entertain yourself these additional special services to make your move great.


StarFamilyMovers offer storage services for you. If it’s a short period, they may just be able to leave it in their secured truck; otherwise, they have separate storage family Movers

Packing Service

StarFamilyMovers supply you with good and suitable packing materials. This includes specialized packing materials for special goods as well.

Packing And Unpacking Service

Starfamilymovers are more than happy to help you pack and unpack

your stuff in your new home. They have professional packers, who

know exactly how to pack your stuff efficiently and safely.

Specialized Items

StarFamilyMovers have experience moving specialized and delicate items, but they should know how to assemble and disassemble them as well. Some of the most common items that need special care in moving are pool tables, fine art, and special electronics.

Expensive Goods

​StarFamilyMovers treats all of your valuables as one-of-a-kind items. As part of specialized packing services they carefully pack artwork, glass, marble, and other expensive items to ensure they sustain no damage during the move.

Multiple Picks-Ups

StarFamilyMovers should be able to offer same day pick-ups at different locations. Additionally, they should be able to drop stuff off at multiple locations without leaving some things in the wrong place.

Junk Removalstar family Movers

StarFamilyMovers will be mindful and put down plastic protector

everywhere they plan on walking. Moving creates a lot of debris, packing

beads, cardboard pieces, protectors, and tape can get everywhere. They

will pick all the debris and leave your old and new homes looking like they

were never there.


​StarFamilyMovers have an existing relationship with an insurance company. They should be able to provide you with a great deal on insurance in case your items are damaged during delivery. This doesn’t just mean damage from the movers, but from car accidents or weather damage as well.

Guaranteed Pricing

StarFamilyMovers will properly plan out the move and include all pricing variables before they begin moving. They will guarantee your price of full move.

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