Hungary for love? Budapest least expensive destination for an intimate escape

For British grownups, it’s less costly to travel to Budapest and back for an enchanting getaway than to journey to London for a date. Budapest tops European group for cheapest day for British adults, costing £390 for 2 including routes.

Hungarian capital Budapest is the most affordable destination for UK couples getting a romantic getaway, in accordance with’s brand-new research.

Experts at relationship web site and take a trip internet search engine Skyscanner analysed the typical costs involved with a date across the 20 the majority of populated European metropolises, such as dinner, flowers, delicious chocolate and college accommodation, with normal flights costs to those places from UNITED KINGDOM flight terminals. The outcomes expose that Budapest provides the cost effective ‘datecation’ in European countries.

An average of, a two night Budapest split will set you back £390, with a three star hotel room charging just £36 and a quality three-course dinner for just two with a container of household white visiting £31. Twelve purple roses and a box of chocolates visited £38 and travel around the town for two totals £8. Ultimately, return flights for 2 add on £277.

In reality, relating to Skyscanner journey rate data, it really is less expensive to travel from an UNITED KINGDOM airport to Budapest and have a night out together truth be told there (£390 for many aspects above with flights included) than it could be for people inside the UK to travel to London for a romantic rendezvous (£547).

In the opposite end for the scale, an enchanting week-end in Bulgarian money Sofia ultimately ends up the most expensive, with flights into the town making-up over 75% of £584 total price for a night out together there. Vienna (£572) and Munich (£555) complete the utmost effective three priciest areas to holiday as one or two.

Infographic: The price of the right ‘datecation’ in ten of European countries’s most intimate city spots

Without vacation, London is the most costly town in Europe for an intimate evening.  A ‘London love-in’, including hotel room, food for just two, roses, chocolates and vacation round the city, sets you back £349 an average of, indicating lovers when you look at the capital feels somewhat tough done by compared to their unique continental equivalents.

Cost aside, London is still the most popular destination among UNITED KINGDOM adults for an enchanting mini-break, with 15 per-cent deciding to get a partner away there over other city on the planet. City of love Paris is placed second with Barcelona the third best destination for vacationing as a couple of.

However, the true price in holidaying as several is available beyond your budget though, with 25 % (24%) of participants saying a trip out assisted them understand whether their unique lover was right for all of them.

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